Online Games which Require a Pan Card

Anyone based in India looking to play poker will require a PAN card. With consumerism and globalization on a rise, people aren’t very mindful when risking large sums of money. Poker is popular, and it’s down to the amount of new poker varieties available, and the rise of online poker.

However, who thinks about fraud when playing poker online ? There are many genuine poker sites, but there are also a few not-so-genuine poker sites. There is the usual risk of losing money in a genuine game, but there is also the risk of losing money because of fraudsters.

Is There Anything You Can Do About Fraud?

Yes! Many online poker playing websites have a PAN feature. Poker sites require players to upload their PAN card details which are verified before the user can register. However, you should always check the site out in detail to ensure it is legitimate and safe to use. You could use; this authenticates its players through the use of PAN cards, and the site has been authenticated also through the same system.

If you wanted to, you could play a single game of poker on, but you’d still have to undergo PAN verification. Other players will be able to see that you are a verified player, and when you start playing the game, you can see other verified players. Fraud from the players is made tougher because you can’t run away once you have your PAN details entered. You are traceable! Entering in your PAN information also removes the limit to your deposits, so that you can play the game more seamlessly.

All details of the money you play with, bet and win are automatically and electronically stored within your account and are linked to your tax formalities. It may be the reason why has become so popular and one of the biggest platforms for playing poker in India. PAN card verification has led to self-accreditation and also an endorsement for the players playing on this website.

Take Care

Remember it is illegal to have several PAN cards at any one time or to not have a PAN card if you should be paying taxes. If you have more than one card or don’t have a card and should be paying tax, it’s classed as tax evasion, and have penalties attached to them. However, even if you don’t have to file tax returns or you don’t fall in the taxpaying category, you can still have a PAN card for a variety of reasons as mentioned above.

The Use of a Pan Card

While the PAN card is mostly used to file income tax returns in India, it does have other uses. It can be used as an identity verifier for a person as it carries the photo of the holder. It can be used for carrying out financial trades online; and used for proof of your existence. Those who work in the import and export business may require a PAN card.

However, the card is mostly required to purchase a new vehicle in India; and to even book a hotel reservation. Salaried employees will be asked for the card details by employers, and any financial transaction carried online in India also requires the PAN card details. Universities sometimes require these details when you register for courses, and to transfer money internationally through Payoneer or PayPal, the PAN card is required. PAN cards are also required if you’re playing online games that involve actual money, such as poker or roulette.